The Ideal Housemate Questionnaire

Sharing a rental can make life a lot easier on the hip pocket as well as when it comes to the chores. If you are planning on sharing a rental from our office at Position One Property then it’s important to remember that you are entering a legal agreement.


It is likely that all names will appear on the tenancy agreement and so the choice of whom you live with needs to be made wisely. With this in mind, we have a few suggestions that you might like to ask your potential house mate/s to help you make a more informed decision.


Rental history

History has a way of revealing a lot about a person. The first thing to ask a potential house mate is what their rental history has been over the past five or so years. This will give a good indication of how reliable they are.


For example, someone who has lived in the same place for three or more years is a very good candidate to share with given their answers to the rest of the questions are suitable too. If you are looking at someone who has not had a permanent address in some time and can’t show a history of reliable rent paying, be wary.


There can be perfectly valid reasons for a lack of permanent address, such as travelling, but the reason needs to be valid. You don’t want to add someone to the lease who is unreliable and flaky at staying in one place too long.



The importance of employment history is right at the top of the list with rental history for generally the same reasons. You want to share with someone who can remain gainfully employed with a steady income.


This means they can and will pay their share of the rent and other expenses and not asking for a loan on a regular occasion. It again also shows reliability.


When you ask about the history of renting and employment this is a good time to ask if they have any references.


A day in the life of…


When choosing a housemate you want someone whose schedule is fairly similar to yours. For instance if you are a night shift worker then another night shift worker is likely to be the most ideal. 9 to 5 workers are better off with the same.


People who like to go out and drink until all hours on the weekend and come home noisily in the AM, are not going to share a space well with a gym instructor who doesn’t drink at all and likes a good night’s rest. Match your habits, working and social preferences well.


Single or attached?

This might not seem like a big issue. But, it can be if your flat mate has a partner who will be there most nights a week; you might not be happy about that scenario. It will also be wise to ask if they have a partner whether they plan to live together any time soon.


For single people the question may seem invasive but you should ask if they date a lot or bring ‘randoms’ home after a night out. You need to ask yourself if either of these situations will make you feel uncomfortable.


If you would like any advice on how to go about setting up a shared rental lease, contact our professional Position One Property team today.


The Ideal Housemate Questionnaire

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