Sustainability Declaration

A sustainability declaration is a compulsory checklist that must be completed by the seller (vendor) when selling a house, townhouse or unit. There is no need to engage a building professional to complete the form. The sustainability declaration identifies the property’s environmental and social sustainability features in the areas of energy, water, access and safety.


Sustainability features can lower operating costs. Properties with sustainability features use less energy for heating and cooling, generate fewer greenhouse gas emissions, use less water – and best of all, are more comfortable to live in.


Access and safety features contribute to sustainability by making the property suitable for owners during their various life stages and will reduce the need for costly future upgrades.
For those homeowners who have already taken steps to improve the sustainability of their property, this means that the environmental, social and financial benefits of those features can be recognised when the property is on the market.


The sustainability declaration has been required under the Building Act 1975 since January 2010.

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