Superior People Skills Needed To Manage Some Sellers

Anyone who works in a service industry will tell you that the best part of the job is meeting new people and helping them get the product or service they want. It can also be the worst part of the job, depending on the people you meet. Most will forgive the odd slip up and appreciate that you are doing your best, but others are never satisfied, no matter how hard you try.


We have many delightful clients who are a pleasure to do business with and who offer us repeat business because of the quality of service our staff provide. In the real estate industry this is important because it has helped Position One Property to build our status as a reputable agency.


Difficult Clients a Challenge for Service Industry Staff

Unfortunately, like others in our industry, we also have to deal with difficult people. Whether the issue is with a tenant, a landlord, a seller or a buyer our staff are trained to be courteous and professional at all times. Their conflict resolution skills do get tested and sometimes, the most difficult to deal with are home sellers.


Seller Expectations Often Not in Tune with Market Realities

We understand that every property owner wants the highest price possible, but sometimes their expectations are unrealistic. This is a conversation we have only too often, and one that can be difficult, especially when the seller purports to know more about the movements of the market than we do.


Ignoring Agent’s Advice will Jeopardise a Sale

Superior People SkillsArriving at a selling price under these circumstances is a matter of negotiation, where the agent needs to provide current data from properties in the area that have recently sold. The sellers will have heard stories of properties that sold for much higher prices than we are proposing, often at the top of a price cycle. By the time they list their property, market prices have dropped, but this falls on deaf ears. They insist on listing the property for an inflated price, then berate us when there is no interest.


Sellers often view their own property through rose-coloured glasses, as the saying goes. They are convinced that it is superior to anything in the area, and there is no need to spend money to prepare it for sale. We have had sellers who could achieve their asking price if the property was tidied up, some minor repairs undertaken and high traffic areas were painted, but who chose to ignore our advice.


Turn a Difficult Seller into a Grateful One

Thankfully, these are the exceptions rather than the rule, and we work hard to talk these sellers through their issues and find them a buyer. This takes tact, patience and market knowledge but gives us a great sense of satisfaction and turns a difficult client into a happy one.

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