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Do you own, or are you planning to own, investment property on the Sunshine Coast?  Do you have the type of skilled property manager Sunshine Coast investment property owners need to manage their properties correctly?

Rental Investment Opportunities On The Sunshine Coast

There are many reasons why investing in the housing market in this part of Queensland makes a lot of sense.  The area is booming.  In fact, according to Domain, suburb growth along the Sunshine Coast now outranks both the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

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Owning Sunshine Coast investment property could therefore be an excellent strategy for building up a substantial and financially rewarding property investment portfolio. Check with your property-wise accountant and financial advisor to see if the strategy is right for you.

Property Investors – Take Note

Several areas stand out as excellent investment opportunities for long-term capital growth and rental income.

Appoint Good Rental Managers Buderim For Your Long-Term Capital Growth Investments

Buderim, the original settlement along this stretch of Queensland coast, offers excellent investment opportunities for investors wanting long-term capital growth.

Engage a Top Property Management Team For Excellent Service in Maroochydore

Maroochydore, currently a hive of development activity, is where you’d look to invest in rental properties with a view to earning stable rental income.

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Why You Need Sunshine Coast Property Professionally Managed

However, pitfalls abound for the unwary property investor.  To avoid these, it makes sound financial sense to employ the best property managers Sunshine Coast has to look after your valuable property for you.

Good Rental Agencies: Sunshine Coast Rental Owners Need One 

For one thing, the beautiful Sunshine Coast isn’t immune from the type of bad tenants seen on exposé programs like A Current Affair.  However, by ensuring good property management, Sunshine Coast property owners can minimise the risk of having these types of tenants in their property.

Sunshine Coast Population Boom Causing Accommodation Shortage

As mentioned, this area is booming.  In fact, the Sunshine Coast is one of Queensland’s fastest growing regional areas.  Many major infrastructure projects across the area are either underway, or in the pipeline.  As they come online, these projects will create thousands of new jobs, resulting in a projected population growth of around 3% per annum for the next 2 decades.

Demand For Rental Housing North Of Brisbane Set To Soar

As a result, demand for quality housing and rental properties across the Sunshine Coast will increase significantly.  The expansion of Sunshine Coast Airport at Maroochydore alone, for instance, will draw some 15,000 more people to that locality and surrounding suburbs by 2025. 

Good Rental Agencies: Sunshine Coast / North Brisbane – A Must Have

The Sunshine Coast rental market is already under stress because demand for rentals far outstrips availability.  Therefore, if you happen to be an investment property owner in the Sunshine Coast area, you’ll probably need to ‘vet’ dozens of potential tenants if your rental becomes vacant.  Do you really want to have to do this entire process yourself?

Why It Pays To Have The Best Property Management Company

The good news is that you don’t have to stress managing your own rental.  Experienced local rental agencies and Sunshine Coast rental property managers will take care of this for you.  They are practiced hands at doing it, and can spot risky tenants straight away.

Engage The Services Of Good Rental Management, Sunshine Coast

Without a rental property manager, you run the very real chance of renting your house to the wrong tenants.  You risk your property being damaged or deteriorating without you being aware of it until you’re presented with a large repair bill. 

Your tenants may also default on their rent and let it get into arrears.  They may even move out without notifying you, leaving your valuable property sitting vacant and a target for vandals and squatters. It may sound extreme, but it does happen. To ensure consistency of rental income and quality tenants, it is highly recommended that you engage an experienced team who has your best interests at heart.

Benefits Of Having Reliable Rental Property Management For Your Sunshine Coast Property

A reputable rental property manager takes care of all these issues for you.  Regular rental inspections spot potential problems before they become expensive headaches.  Rental managers ensure rent is paid on time and doesn’t fall into arrears. 

If your property is vacated, your rental property manager will notify you, and find and vet new tenants for you.  In other words, they take the hassle out of owning a rental property. 

Do you have the time and expertise to handle all these details yourself? Think:

  • inspection reports
  • final inspection
  • maintenance issues and maintenance management
  • open homes (viewings)
  • and the rest!

Engage The Best Sunshine Coast Property Management Team

With good property rental managers Maroochydore, Buderim, and Sunshine Coast rental property owners in general can ensure their properties are well managed, well maintained and maximising their earning potential.

Property Management Sunshine Coast Owners Shouldn’t Be Without

At Position One Property, we appreciate that Sunshine Coasters are a unique brand of Queenslander!  We therefore manage all our northern Brisbane rental property clients from our Brisbane North office.  Local property management for local people and conditions!

For their rental management, Sunshine Coast property owners trust Position One Property Managers.  We’ve been in business for 23 years this year – since 2001 in fact.  That’s a long time in this industry so we know we’re doing things right.  A LOT of things ….

 Sunshine Coast Property Management

Call Barbara and Kate at our Brisbane North Office today and discover how Sunshine Coast Property Management can make your property investing journey a dream. Prompt, helpful, great communication and generally great professional service.

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