Rental Decorating Ideas to Make a Rental Property Feel Like Home

Rental Decorating Ideas

If you’re renting, you most likely understand the feeling of your living spaces not quite feeling like home. It might be because you’re not sure how long you will be there.  Or, it could be because you don’t know how to make it more homely without alterations. It’s common to feel this way when you’re renting.  Fortunately, there are strategies you can use to create a sense of home in your temporary space. At Position One, we want our tenants to feel happy and comfortable in the properties they rent.   So, here are our top tried and tested rental decorating ideas for doing so.

1. Decorate deliberately

The way that you choose to decorate your space can have a huge impact on how it looks.  Most importantly, it can impact how it makes you feel!  So, choose furniture and artwork that you love so much that no matter where you take it, it will always feel like home. Perhaps you’re living in a rental property with floors or carpets that you don’t particularly like.  If so, a well-placed rug can make all the difference. Simple things, such as bedspreads and curtains, are easy to change.  And these simple things can also have a significant effect on the overall aesthetic of your home.  As such, these simple rental decorating ideas allow you to add your own touch of personality and style.

2. Create a portable garden

No matter what sort of outdoor space you have, if you create a garden using pot plants and hanging plants then you will be able to move them around with you wherever you go. If you have limited outdoor space, pot plants still look great indoors too. You can place smaller plants on a bookshelf or a bench, and larger plants on the floor. Ferns and greenery are very on trend right now!  And fortunately, for the most part, are relatively low maintenance.

3. Minor alterations

If there are parts of your home that you don’t like, and you’re willing to invest some money into them, minor alterations can be discussed with your agent. At Position One, we are always open to alteration requests from tenants. It’s not uncommon to be allowed to paint areas of the home, or use linoleum or vinyl options over retro tiles. So long as the work is carried out professionally and with approval, it’s usually not a problem. Most landlords are concerned with the value of their property, and overall colour schemes, and are generally reasonable in approving alteration requests as long as you keep that within mind.  It is not unknown for an investment property owner to install air conditioning at a tenant’s request, so it is always worth asking.

4. Negotiate a longer lease

One reason you might not feel at home in your rental is that you simply don’t know how long you will be there. Landlords and agencies want nothing more than a long-standing, reliable tenant in their properties. If you want to stay in a property for more than 12 months, then consider negotiating 12-month contracts each renewal. This will give you security so you can feel more at home and comfortable with decorating knowing that your efforts will see you through the next couple of years at least.

Rental Decorating Ideas for Happy Tenants and Property Owners

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