Real Estate and Technology

We live in a world surrounded by technology and its faithful users. There is virtually nothing you can’t do, thanks to technology and the trusty smart phone; if it hasn’t been thought of yet, it soon will be.


Already we see apps, et cetera, sprouting up in order to help real estate agents, buyers and renters, amongst others, view more information about homes for sale/rent in certain areas, and these are quite useful.


At Position One we embrace all that technology has to offer and encourage you to use whatever you can on your smart phone to make your search easier.


But let’s not forget the trusty internet in general. When you go old school and head back to your PC or laptop you can easily find out more information about the home, street and suburb where you are thinking of buying. You just need to know where to look.


Social media

Facebook gets frowned upon by many for the day to day hassles it can cause family and friends when personal posts get too much. But it’s not all doom and gloom and Facebook can in fact be used for good purposes.


If you are thinking of living in a particular suburb just search the name on Facebook and you will often find there is a page dedicated to that suburb. On these pages you can see what kind of community events might happen in this area as well as some feedback from other residents.


Google maps

Google maps are great for finding your way around, but that’s not all it can do. If you are looking at a home to rent or buy in a particular street, you can search it on street view via Google maps. This will then allow you, without leaving the comfort of your home or office, to see what the street looks like.


Real Estate Agents Brisbane

Tidy yards, a clean street, et cetera, are all signs that this is very likely a good street. You can also search shops such as Coles, fuel stations and schools to see how far these are from the street you are considering living in. This will help you decide if the choice will be a good one.


Internet sites and Wikipedia both offer information about various suburbs in Brisbane. A simple search of these allows you to see the median age range, income level, the average rent or purchase price as well as the amount of residents residing here.


You can also ask us at Position One, for our advice on the suburb/s you are looking in. We have many years of extensive experience in the industry and make it our business to have all the information you require so contact us today.

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