Boutique Real Estate Agent: Should You Use One To Manage Your Property?

Boutique Real Estate Agent

What is a Boutique Real Estate Agent? 

The dictionary tells us that a ‘boutique’ is “a small business offering specialised products and services”.  A description that fits our business model perfectly in fact!

So – what makes these types of agencies better? And why should you consider using one to manage your property or properties?

Why Choosing A Boutique Estate Agency Makes Sense 

There are many reasons why smaller, specialised agencies are a better option when it comes to property management. 

Your property manager

In the end however it all boils down to one simple reality.  Small, independent agencies are far more likely to care about YOU and your property, or properties, on a personal level.  They are “at the coal face” each day dealing with the tasks important for looking after property in the most professional way.

Helpful and customer-centric

As a result, and because their core business principles typically revolve around this simple customer-centric concept, they focus heavily on providing personal attention, tailored services, and customised property management solutions.

More Committed To Customer Service Excellence

Small and independent agencies and property managers are more dedicated to customer service. 

Exceed expectations

We take pride in offering personalised attention, support, and assistance to our clients because you’re not just a number to us.  You’re an important part of our ‘family’ and we’re happy to go the extra mile, or three, for you.  When you contact us, you’ll feel instantly at home!

Provide Highly Customised Service

Small ‘indie’ real estate and property agencies are not interested in impersonal ‘one size fits all’ services. 

Knowledge of real estate market and client level service needs

We prefer instead to come up with customised solutions and advice specifically tailored to suit each individual client.  After all, your property is unique and special so the way it’s managed should reflect this.

Boutique Property Agents Put Quality Before Quantity

Boutique estate agencies don’t want to build bigger and better property lists than their competitors. 

Ensure trust and good working relationships

Rather, we only take on as many properties as we know we can effectively manage.  That means you’re guaranteed of quality service that focuses on the best outcomes for you and your property.

Boutique Estate Agents Care About Who They Rent Properties To

Good property managers are selective about who they rent clients’ property to.  If we wouldn’t allow a particular tenant to rent our own property, we won’t let them rent yours either.

Boutique Real Estate Office Teams Are Highly Skilled

Independent RE teams are usually small and have been carefully chosen to ensure they are the right fit, not just for the agency office but also for the clientele. 

Highly professional agent team with current local experience

These close-knit groups of highly skilled, dedicated professionals are well trained, competent, and highly motivated. 

Career property manager

They’re more likely to stay with the company for the long haul, which provides you, the client, with continuity.  You can be assured of dealing long-term with a familiar face that is knowledgeable about your property and management expectations.

Small ‘Indie’ Property Teams Understand One On One Communication

Boutique RE teams understand the importance of good communication and a one-on-one relationship with clients and tenants.  We keep you in the loop about anything and everything that concerns your property.  It is, after all, your property and your tenants!

Boutique Estate Agents Can React And Respond Rapidly

Nothing slows things down faster than red tape and regulations.  Big companies have plenty of both and may additionally have holes in their systems and processes because they’ve grown too big too fast.

Quick, helpful investment property management service 

A boutique estate agency on the other hand has more flexibility to go above and beyond when it comes to ensuring clients and their tenants get the best possible service.  We can respond, innovate and customise much faster to create workable solutions that really work for you, the client.

Boutique Property Agents Can Provide Comparable Or Even Better Services To Big Companies

Boutique property professional team members are extremely competitive with the big guns.  In many cases we ‘out gun’ them because we have more to lose in terms of reputation, and image. 

Powered with helpful, trust-worthy process

Being small and specialists at what we do, we can offer better and more refined processes and procedures. 

It Pays To Choose A Specialist Independent Agent For Your Property Management Needs

Your rental or investment property is a very valuable asset.  You want it looked after carefully so it retains or even improves its value.  Therefore, it makes good commercial and financial sense to use a professional boutique property manager. Your experience with us is important and we work to ensure you are always delighted with the help and service you receive. When you contact our team, you’ll receive the specialist assistance you need.

Get in touch – exceptional service awaits

As a specialist boutique RE agent, Position One Property has been successfully managing our clients’ properties in and around Brisbane for over 20 years.  Get in touch with us today about your property management needs.

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