Position One Property Shoots To Number One Nationally!


Innovative, futuristic, “clued-in” and completely focused on their clients investment properties – meet Australia’s award winning property managers – Karen Herbert and her team at Position One Property Brisbane Property Centre.


Position One Property has been honoured with winning the LPMA (Leading Property Managers of Australia) 2011 Awards for Excellence in the category of “Customer Service”.


The vision of Position One Property, according to founder and Principal Karen Herbert is to deliver “world-class property management standards” with integrity and passion to their clients and in turn inspire those who will follow in the industry to do the same!


With a highly trained team, the bold aspiration of exceeding “best practice” standards in Property Management is a constant focus of all. By refusing to accept anything less than “Zero Tolerance” for vacancies and arrears, the team maintains its impressive track-record with unbridled professionalism.


Like every business, the success of Position One Property depends on its ability to deliver results. However, the operational team within this company is motivated by something more – the responsibility of ensuring that every decision made is the right one: Right for property owners and tenants.


This culture of integrity, combined with a “reach for the stars” approach to performance, oozes through the veins of the unique people working at Position One Property. Ultimately, this determination to perform, as well as a commitment to achieving “win-win” outcomes, gives each team member a notable performance advantage with which industry competitors must strive to match.


Position One Property


The passion to perform, as embraced by the team, transcends through to the company’s clients, culminating in an exhaustive list of satisfied clients. Interestingly, this dynamic zeal is also recognised by potential clients, providing Position One Property with a significant point of difference that sets it apart from the rest.


A staggering 80% of Position One Property’s new business comes through referrals from current owners, tenants, builders and industry associates each year. This is due to the company’s presence in the wider community and the respect it commands from industry participants, both clients and colleagues.


“This is a powerful force – a force for turning dreams and goals into results”


-Karen Herbert

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