Position One Property Announces: Charity Program for Brisbane Homeless


The Ecumenical Coffee Brigade (ECB) has been feeding the Brisbane homeless community for over 45 years.

Due to State Government Cut Backs, the ECB now Needs OUR Help!

Position One Property has decided to lend a helping hand.

All profits on property leased for the months of November & December 2016 will go to supporting The Ecumenical Coffee Brigade’s vital service in Brisbane.


What Does The ECB Do?

The Ecumenical Coffee Brigade (ECB) has been feeding Brisbane’s homeless for over 45 years.

A not-for-profit organisation, the ECB provides sandwiches, hot drinks and a warm welcome to homeless people of Brisbane city every day of the year, from a van staffed by volunteers.


Homeless Brisbane
The Ecumenical Coffee Brigade Van serving breakfast


Position One Property Principal, Luc Iovenitti, is one of the approximately 150 volunteers that keeps the service running. Don’t try catching Luc too early on the fourth Thursday of the month – that’s where he’ll be!

Even in winter!

Until recently, the ECB received State Government Funding, but now that’s been cut.


Here’s the Plan!

The ECB was founded by Louisa Toogood in Brisbane in 1970.


Ecumenical Coffee Brigade
Louisa Toogood

Founder, Ecumenical Coffee Brigade


Like Louisa, the Team at Position One Property are passionate about continuing the founders’ mission “to seek to offer those we meet respect and acceptance by treating all with dignity”.

Luc and the Team at Position One Property are starting a movement to drum up the shortfall in funds to operate the Ecumenical Coffee Brigade Van!

For each property leased between 1 November 2016 and 31 December 2016, Position One Property will donate profits to the Ecumenical Coffee Brigade.


Here’s How You Can Help:

#1 : If you have a property you would like us to manage – we’ll donate any profit we make from leasing that for you.

#2 : If you know someone looking for a new property manager for their property, if they engage us to lease their property, we’ll donate the profit from that.

#3 : Perhaps you’re a tenant yourself, or know a tenant about to move? Rent one of the beautiful properties we have available right now, and – you guessed it – the profit goes to the Ecumenical Coffee Brigade.

#4 : Make a monetary donation.

#5 : Share this cause with your friends.

Contact Position One Property on info@positionone.com.au or phone 07 3843 4511 and we can assist you with your property lease to help the Brisbane homeless, via the ECB.


Brisbane Homeless

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