Personal Judgements Based on Perceived Wealth Often Flawed

Everyone naturally wants the best lifestyle and opportunities for themselves and their families. The statistics on poverty and environmental influences on children seem to support the theory that growing up in undesirable surroundings can have a detrimental effect on their development. Is solving this problem just a matter of moving into a “rich” neighbourhood?


Affluent Suburbs More Expensive to Live In

There are a few issues to confront before making that decision. The most obvious one is financial. Well-to-do suburbs typically have access to the best in the way of facilities, schools, transport and other opportunities. They are also more expensive to live in, which for some people, removes the element of choice.


Everyone Wants a Home

As a property management agency with rental properties right across Brisbane in all socio-economic areas, our staff at Position One Property meet people from all walks of life. They all agree from conversations they have had with clients, that everyone wants a place to live where they feel safe, secure and comfortable. The type of place usually depends on their economic circumstances.


Give Everyone an Equal Chance

The other thing our staff members also agree on is that the people who are financially able to live in an exclusive neighbourhood are typical of the broader community. That is, they have the same attributes as people who live in a rundown suburb. Some of them are reserved but most are very friendly, some are religious and some are not, some do charity work and some don’t, most keep their properties tidy but some don’t, some get involved in crime but most don’t.


The point is that in every gathering of people, whether at work, in a sporting club, at social events, family celebrations and others, everyone is different with diverse backgrounds, opinions, ideals, values and expectations. There will be good and bad to differing degrees in any group, just as there is in humanity as a whole.


Just Be Yourself – Still the Best Advice

If your reason for moving into a rich neighbourhood is to cultivate your inner snob, you will probably be disappointed, and you may even be found out as an insincere person who thinks social climbing is the way to the top. If, however, you have the financial ability to pay the higher rents in these areas and you genuinely believe that the move will expand your horizons and offer your family the chance to experience a different environment, then do it.


Whatever your motives, we are here to assist you find the right type of property for your situation. Position One Properties has an entire portfolio of rental properties for you to choose from, so talk to our staff about your needs.

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