Landscaping for Landlords – Increase Value by Improving Outdoors

Some of Brisbane’s most sought-after houses sit on large, family-friendly blocks that make excellent investment properties. But whether your rental property boasts oodles of outdoor space or snuggles up to a more modest back yard, if you’re renting out your property an investment in outdoor improvements is likely to pay off.


Studies have shown that green and growing spaces around your home can increase the value of your property by 5.4% while good landscaping on your property improves the perceived value by up to 11% more. If it takes yet another statistic to convince you, then how about the 109% return on investment for every dollar you spend on landscaping? Outdoor space, it seems, certainly sells.


What are the best landscaping options if you rent out your house?

Renting out your property to tenants means you must take a different approach to landscaping. You are now dealing with the property as a business so costs are important as well as time it takes to maintain. Some of the important considerations when you have tenants include:


  • Street appeal: If you wish to attract tenants to your rental property then a good looking garden is a fantastic attraction but you’ll have to think further than lush, lovely and green. It helps to Invest in low-maintenance planting and well-mulched beds to keep out the weeds.
  • Privacy: Consider plants that give the feeling of isolation from overseeing eyes.
  • Maintenance: While the tenant is responsible for general upkeep of the garden, any specialist jobs are not their problem unless they specifically agree. High maintenance planting could see you looking after a garden you don’t get to enjoy.
  • Water: Most times, your tenant will be expected to pay for metered water, so planting a thirsty garden is likely to push up their costs as well as asking them to do extra work. Choose drought-resistant plants to keep your tenants on your side.
  • Safety: While you may enjoy a pool or pond in your garden, it’s not a good idea if you’re renting out your house. The risk to tenants will send your insurance through the roof so avoid obvious hazards to keep down your costs.


Landscaping for Rental Properties

Planting for pleasure – create a garden your tenants will enjoy

The ideal situation when renting out your property is to have a home that keeps good tenants for years. Long-term, happy tenants save you the hassle and stress of having an empty property and avoid the trouble of finding new people who want to move in. Landscaping helps here; a great garden goes a long way towards creating a happy home.


In addition to attractive planting, consider how tenants can enjoy their outdoor space. Many people enjoy an indoor-outdoor lifestyle, treating their garden as an extension of their house, so create a space where they can relax and spend time with their friends. You don’t need to go over the top – a simple deck or a shady courtyard can tempt new tenants to rent out your house. This may feel like an expensive option, but it’s an investment that will boost your property’s value.


Shade is another important consideration, protecting your tenants from the glare of the sun. Choose a gazebo or a feature tree to create a shady corner your tenants will love.


Who cares for the garden when your tenants are in?

When you’re renting out your property, it’s important that nothing is taken for granted, and that includes garden care. Maintenance responsibilities, as well as the starting condition of features and plants, should be clearly laid out in the tenancy agreement to avoid future disputes.


Your tenants will be expected to carry out basic maintenance and return your property – inside and out – in the condition it was in at the start of the tenancy (allowing for reasonable wear and tear). But if you create a stunning space that requires specialist care, you may find yourself lumbered with extra work or expense.


We can help

If you’re ready to rent out your property but would like the maximum return on your investment, then investing in landscaping is the right way to go.


At Position One Property, we never forget that your rental property is your business just as much as it is your tenants’ new home. When preparing your property for rental, we’ll be happy to offer expert advice on cost-effective landscaping ideas that will attract and keep the kind of tenants you need.


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