Essential Investment Property Advice Brisbane Investors Should Have

Investment Property Advice Brisbane

Investing in Brisbane property, or in property anywhere, is a good way to build up a sound investment portfolio.  However, as with any investment, it comes with caveats.  Specifically, without the right investment property advice, Brisbane real estate, and real estate generally, can present expensive pitfalls for the uninformed.

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Why invest in property?

Property and shares are popular investment strategies because they offer the expectation of good returns and capital growth for savvy investors.  Rental properties, in particular, can be a good way to create an income stream and build wealth.

To be successful, though, property investment relies on good management and careful decision-making.  In fact, these two things – sound property investment advice and a good property manager – are often the deciding factor between investment success and failure.

Brisbane Property Investment Is A Sound Strategy

If you’re especially interested in investing in property, Brisbane is one of Australia’s most reliable markets.  However, you do have to buy the right property in the right location, for the right price, and in the right condition to earn!  That means finding….

A Reliable Property Investment Advisor: Brisbane

This is where getting good property investment advice for Brisbane is key to avoiding mistakes like overpaying, buying the wrong property, or investing in the wrong area.

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Essential Property Investment Advice Brisbane Investors Should Have

So – before leaping in with both feet and outlaying hard-earned cash, here is some investment property advice for Brisbane investors to keep in mind.

1.     Is Your Brisbane Property Investment Advisor Qualified?

Always check the credentials of anyone you’re considering asking for advice about property investment.  Although it isn’t a ‘crime’ per se to know about property investment, it is a crime to give out financial advice if you’re not licensed to do so.

2.     Understand That No Two Property Investment Circumstances Are Identical

Although the underlying reason for investing in property is to earn a return, people’s circumstances vary, and can change unexpectedly.  That means their requirements are always unique to them.

Some people, for instance, may be looking to boost their retirement income – perhaps they have grand plans for their twilight years.  Others might want to invest in their children’s education.  Someone else could be keen to boost current income so they can enjoy life more right now.  These disparate circumstances require equally diverse investment options.

3.     Horses For Courses: Different Investment Properties Suit Different Investors

Different types of investment properties suit different types of investors.  Where a flat or unit in one area might suit one investor, the next investor may be better off buying a house elsewhere.  For another investor, acreage or a development project may be a more suitable investment option. 

Which is right for you?  Obtaining the right Brisbane property investment advice is key to maximising your investment success.

4.     Do Your Due Diligence When Investing In Property In Brisbane

Beware of doing what someone else did because ‘it worked for them.’  That doesn’t automatically mean it will work for you.  Good property investment advice for Brisbane will indicate what IS right for you.

Take your time to consider and explore all aspects of your available options before making any decisions.  Ultimately whatever you decide has to be appropriate for your circumstances.

Start your research with our comprehensive Suburb Profiles.  These contain information about schools, transport, and other amenities for most Brisbane, and surrounding, suburbs.

5.     Crunch The Numbers: Get Financial Advice About Investing In Brisbane Property

Know that an investment property portfolio doesn’t just earn money.  Property also costs money, and expenses can mount up.  This is where an experienced property-wise accountant can help.

Check potential rental income in the areas you’re considering for the type of property you’re looking at.  Then consider your potential costs, which will include at least some of the following:

  • Loan or mortgage repayments, interest, loan application fee etc
  • Government and council fees: rates/land tax/stamp duty/mortgage registration/transfer fees etc
  • Water rates
  • Insurance: property/landlord/lenders mortgage etc
  • Strata fees
  • Property management fees
  • Legal and conveyancing fees
  • Quantity surveyor’s fees
  • Building/strata/pest inspection reports
  • Maintenance costs (immediate/ongoing)

Ideally, the rental income should cover expenses and leave something for a rainy day, or there’s no point doing it. 

6.     Obtain Building and Pest Inspections, and Advice

Make sure you have any property you’re considering thoroughly checked by a qualified builder for hidden expenses like termite damage, dry rot, foundation and roof issues, and the like.  These are deal breakers unless you’re prepared to spend a LOT of money fixing them. 

A new roof, for example, will cost thousands but won’t necessarily add rental value to the property.  Having a good roof over their heads is something tenants naturally expect of a rental property!

7.     Build A Good Support Team Of Brisbane Property Advice Specialists

We like to call this your property investment ‘A team‘.  It should at minimum include an experienced property manager and a property-wise accountant.  You can also add a good builder and a property lawyer to cover more bases.

Your ‘A team’ will be instrumental in providing information about local rents, vacancy rates, in-demand rental property types, rent-paying demographics, and so on.  This is essential investment property advice that will help you avoid making expensive mistakes!

If you’re pressed for time, a buyer’s agent can do the hard yards for you.  However, they’re another expense, and you’re still going to need a property manager anyway.

Effective Investment Property Advice for the Brisbane Property Market

As an experienced property investment advisor, Brisbane-based Position One can offer the right Brisbane investment property advice for you. 

Our bespoke investment property solutions are individually crafted to suit each investor, big or small, individual or corporation. 

Talk to us today for accurate advice about investing in Brisbane property.  Reduce your risk of making bad investment choices, and manage your property so it remains a reliable, money-earning asset.  We are one property investment advisor Brisbane investors can trust to offer sound, reliable, and unbiased advice.

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