Inner City Investment – Know How and Guidance

Conveniently located just seven short kilometres from Brisbane city, Stafford enjoys a much sought after reputation for convenience and style. In this tidy suburb, homes make up 85% of all dwellings with the balance being units and townhouses.


The homes in the area are predominantly along the Queenslander style accompanied by a large percentage of Queensland Housing Commission homes, most of which were built in the 1940s and 1950s.


Many of these properties have been snapped up by couples with or without children and tastefully renovated to reflect modern design principals.


For an investor, this area is a boon as the properties are situated on good-sized quarter acre blocks, which you cannot even get in the newer developments in the outer lying suburbs of Brisbane and beyond.


Good Investment Principals

Whether you are intending to purchase a property in this area for investment or to live in yourself, the first thing most new property owners wish to do is renovate the kitchen.


As you can imagine, a home that was built 60 or 70 years ago may have an extremely outdated food preparation area. Even if it has had at least one facelift in its lifetime, there is still a good chance that this busy hub of the home is in need of a makeover.


These days, with new kitchen designs offering sturdy soft closing drawers and space saving storage ideas many of us are discovering the joys of having a functional and aesthetically pleasing work area in which to prepare the family meals.


If you are seeking property with a view to it being a rental investment, this part of the home cannot be overlooked. Obviously, design trends necessitate we keep up with what the public is demanding and as attracting a worthwhile, long-term tenant is every investor’s dream, it is essential to upgrade to make this possible.


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Finding the Perfect Tenant

As an investor in this area, one of your top priorities should be finding expert property management.


At Position One Property we pride ourselves on our reputation of offering top quality personalised service at competitive rates.


We are able to:


• Seek and source quality tenants for long-term periods;


• Conduct regular property inspections;


• Offer continual rent reviews to ensure you are getting the best possible rental for your property; and


• Create strict procedures designed to protect your investment


Why not visit us now and discover for yourself our Total Property Service philosophy. For more information, go to

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