How To Rent A House In Brisbane : Tips And Advice

How to Rent a House in Brisbane

The Brisbane rental market right now is highly competitive courtesy of a population that is growing faster than new houses are being built. The state’s relatively Covid-free status during the height of the pandemic also made Queensland ‘the place to be’ on the east coast. This fuelled unprecedented internal migration into an already stressed Brisbane rental market.

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As a result, getting real estate rentals in Brisbane is now so competitive prospective tenants need to pull out all the stops to make sure their rental application hits the top of the pile. And stays there. To help you nab the rental of your dreams, here are some helpful tips on how to qualify for the best available properties in Brisbane.

Competitive Brisbane Rental Market Making It Tough To Rent – Be Well Prepared

  • The key factor in being a successful rental applicant is preparation. And homework. A few of the things that help boost your Brisbane rental chances of success include:
  • Completing an online rental application
  • Writing a cover letter
  • Making sure you supply all the necessary documents and more – ID, proof of income, letter from employer if you’re just starting a new job, and so on.
  • Having reference letters from previous landlords, or co-renters, to prove you’re an excellent tenant
  • Supplying a resume of your employment and rental history
  • Supplying a ‘good character reference’ for your pet if you have one
  • Preparing a financial summary of your history of rent payments

How To Nab That For Rent Brisbane Property

Keep your eye on the rental market. Do your research. Work out where you’re most likely to find a suitable property within your price bracket. There’s no point aiming for the top if you can only afford budget accommodation!

When you see a suitable house or unit come up where you want to rent, take immediate action. Try to get ahead of the pack in responding. Complete an online application if available. The agent will get it immediately (or far quicker than posted ones at least).

Get To Know The Agent

Call the agent to discuss the property. Get to know them and become a familiar name. Be friendly without being overly familiar. Tell them what you’re looking for in a property in terms of bedrooms, address and so on. Prove you’re a desirable tenant. That way, when they see your application come in, they’re more likely to consider it. They can also keep you in mind when suitable properties come up.

Prove You’re The Perfect Person To Rent To

This is where good references / referrals from previous landlords, and even housemates, are invaluable. Along with proof of exemplary on time payment history, steady income, sterling character attributes, and positive physical appearance. Yes, first impressions usually do count…

If you are inappropriately dressed, dirty, unkempt, rude, obnoxious or even overly late when meeting the agent, or attending the Open For Inspection, it speaks volumes. About your possible financial status, likely treatment of the property, dealings with the landlord, attitude towards deadlines and time frames and so on. In today’s highly competitive Brisbane rental property market, you simply can’t afford not to make a good first impression on the agent.

If this is your first time renting, a letter from your employer, someone in authority, or an old teacher, vouching for your character, can be used instead.

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Rent Application Cover Letter

Although submitting an application cover letter isn’t mandatory, it can be a good way to put you towards the top of the list. Just as you’d list all the reasons why you’re a good fit for a job, explain why you’re the perfect person to rent this house. You pay on time or upfront, are a useful fix-it handyperson, a neat and clean freak, keen gardener…

Why You’re Looking For A Property

List the reasons you’re looking for a new property to lease – perhaps you just moved to the area, or your previous rental property was sold etc. Be up front about how many people will be sharing the house with you. Incidentally, they’ll need to supply application information as well so get them organised in advance. You want their paperwork ready to submit with your own. They should also be a party to the lease agreement – sharing is caring and accepting equal responsibility.

The Right ID and Financial Information For Successful Real Estate Rentals in Brisbane

You will be required to provide details to reach a valid 100 point identification (ID). Acceptable documentation include a current passport, birth certificate or residency certificate if not born in Australia, and photo ID (drivers license, student ID card, valid photo ID card). You can also opt to go above and beyond, and supply additional ID – Medicare card, EFTPOS card, utilities bill in your name etc.

Organise Your Financial Records

You’ll also probably have to supply proof that you can afford the rent, and upfront bond. This will involve supplying a bank statement or payslips to verify current / regular income. If you’ve just started a new job, get a letter from your employer verifying your employment and income. Have it all ready to give to the agent.

Have The Bond Ready To Go

Be sure to have the money for the bond already available. If you’ve previously rented, and had this refunded (additional proof you’re a good tenant!), it’s a good idea to set it aside for your next bond. You don’t want to miss out because you’re scrambling to put a bond together.

Offer a Higher Rent Or Up Front Payment

Sometimes if you’re really keen on a property, you can offer to outlay a bit more than the asking rent. Or several months rent in advance, or pay a month in advance. It may, or may not, work!

Make Sure Your Pet Is Verified As Well

From the 1st of October 2022 it became harder for landlords and rental property owners to refuse to allow pets in real estate rentals in Brisbane and Queensland. They can no longer advertise blanket ‘no pet’ rule properties for instance.

Under the new rules, tenants must still request permission to have a pet but landlords and agents now have to provide good reasons for refusing. If they can’t, or don’t respond, the tenant can take it as ‘permission granted’. However, get your ducks in order anyway, and have a ‘good character’ reference for your pet/s ready to hand in with your request.

Be Ready To Hand Over a Complete, and Completed, Application Pack

Sometimes just being able to hand over everything that is required, on the spot, will come up trumps for you. It saves time, gets the property earning money faster, and means it isn’t sitting vacant for too long.

Are you ready to lodge a successful application that Brisbane landlords will love? Secure your new home more easily by letting us help you through the process. Contact us for an inspection today and let our experienced property agents help you.

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