How to Attract and Keep Good Tenants for The Long Term

how to keep good tenants

Being able to retain happy tenants gives investment property owners greater peace-of-mind. Long term tenants provide certainty of rental income and minimise loss of rent due to vacancy. As a landlord you’ll know that each lease renewal on your property by a good tenant is valuable. A quality tenant who is likely to stay and renew their lease time and again is worth their weight in gold!

However, it is important to understand that maximising your rental income isn’t about only focusing on the weekly rent being collected. A good tenant will pay the rent on time, but you want great tenants to stick around! To attract and retain a good tenant in your rental property requires an understanding of what tenants want.

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Happy Tenants Can be The Best Tenants

As experienced property managers in Brisbane and South East Queensland for over 20 years, we know that if you have happy tenants, everything is easier. With tenants happy, renewing leases, routine inspections and maintenance all become easier to do.

Being proactive to nurture the existing relationship with your renters also minimises the downtime that occurs between tenants, and the time and money spent to attract tenants again if they do vacate.  

Property Managers with Years of Experience

With over 20 years of experience in property management in Brisbane, the team at Position One are here to help. Here are a few of our very best tips on tenant retention: 

Understanding your Tenants Needs 

To you, your investment property is an asset, but to your tenants it’s their home, and private space. We’ve found tenants are happiest when they are able to enjoy the property when you minimise your access to the property, especially if you know they keep the property in good condition and level of care.   

Great Landlords

The best landlords take care of repairs and maintenance issues promptly, value their lease and respect their tenant’s privacy.

Good Communication is Key 

Good communication between you and your tenant goes a long way in building a good relationship. If you can be reliable, respectful, and responsive, you’ll find that will be returned to you by your tenant. Notice for inspections, maintenance, or access is typically warmly welcomed when plenty of notice is provided when possible. 

Keep Up-to-Date on Maintenance 

Adding to communication is responding promptly and acknowledging repair and maintenance requests.

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Your Property Manager Helps with Repairs and Complaints

Just as you appreciate being told as soon as possible about maintenance issues, tenants also appreciate being kept in the loop on the repair process and builds trust.  Maintenance requests aren’t a bother – they’re a good thing! Remember the old addage ‘a stitch in time saves nine’? This can certainly be the case with property. And it’s a simple approach to keep tenants happy.

Refresh Tired Items 

If you have a long-term tenant, and you’re hoping for them to continue leasing from you, it might be worthwhile to refresh tired items in the property. Those tired curtains could be replaced. Or potentially retiring the old stove in the kitchen may just prove to be worthwhile for the best tenants.

Market awareness

This is where keeping up with the current state of the rental market will help you in making these decisions. Keeping an eye on what property is doing and where the real estate market is going is always a good idea. Our team at Position One Property can help you here. We don’t just collect rent on time! We make it our business to keep across the state of the rental market at all times. We ensure we always know what’s happening in property so we can advise you accordingly. We’re a key player in helping you with your investment, so be sure to ask us for information at any opportunity!

Your Property Accountant

Not only does it make the property more attractive to your valued tenants, there could be tax incentives for you. It might be time to have a chat with your property wise tax accountant

Use a Property Manager like Position One 

We’ve been in the business of property management for over 20 years. In that time we have become experts at building great tenant relationships for our clients to maximise their investment property potential.  

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How to keep good tenants

If you’d like to have a chat about how we can help you attract and retain the best tenants, get in touch with us today. We even offer a free rental appraisal – click here.

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