Find a Property Manager – Here’s Why it’s Worth the Investment

Find a Property Manager

In today’s fast paced society most property investors don’t have time to do it all – properly.  Managing a property well means having to find good tenants, conduct open homes and  keep track of maintenance requests.  And this is just the start.  Covering the basics is enough, let alone keep track of constant regulatory changes. Do you think you might be ready to find a property manager to work with? Then, read on to discover that you are amongst a growing group of property owners to invest in one.

Not the first to find a Property Manager worth their weight in gold!

75% of investors utilise the services of a Property Manager to manage their investment property. Why? Because Property Management can be stressful and contentious. Position One Property’s aim is to minimise this stress. In this article we will answer the all important question – why should you invest in a Property Manager? We will also look at how our Property Managers reduce stress while maximizing returns.  In addition, you’ll grow to understand the important role they play in managing one of your  most valuable assets. 

Position One Property have a team of Property Management professionals to manage your property, not just one individual. By working efficiently as a team, we manage these important day-to-day tasks and any issues.  So, our team take the stress out of Property Management, so you don’t have to experience any.  We think this is one of many reasons you should invest in a Property Manager and get your valuable time back!


What does a Property Manager do?

Property Managers perform a number of important duties for the investor.  These include:

  • Listing your investment property on all relevant real estate sites.
  • Leasing your property quickly and efficiently.
  • Attending open for inspections.
  • Taking enquiries.
  • Processing applications.
  • Handling Pre-entry reports.
  • Handling tenant issues and requests. 
  • Processing rents.
  • Processing owner payments.
  • Organising trades people.
  • Attending regular inspections.
  • Keeping abreast of changes in legislation (starting with the Residential Tenancies Act).
  • Maximising rental income to meet market conditions. 

And so much more.

When purchasing an investment property you have to ask yourself: “do I have time to attend to all of these tasks?” In most instances the answer will be – no.  In a recent article we addressed some of the risks associated with DIY Property Management.  You can read this article HEREDIY Property Management – Here’s What NOT To Do!


Industry Experts

When you engage a Position One Property Manager you certainly hire someone who cares about you and your property.  Significantly, you don’t just find a property manager, you also get a Client Relationship Manager. However, potentially the most important benefit you get is a Property Management industry expert. Your Manager will keep abreast of market movements and regulatory matters. Tenancy forms are legally binding agreements and can be technical and hard to navigate. Position One take care of these documents for our clients.  Furthermore, we keep up to date on any changes to legislation relating to Property Management. 

We have been told that the difference between Position One and other agencies is that we care and we listen. As our testimonials will show our owners are extremely happy with the services we offer, and if we are honest, many of them have come to us from other agencies who didn’t meet their expectations.

If you would like the stress taken out of managing your investment property give us a call or drop us an email. We are more than happy to help.

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