Breaking Up is Hard to Do

This may be true in a serious committed relationship, but when it comes to going separate ways from your housemate it should not be hard to do.


Not everybody gets it right when they are trying to find people to see if they are a suitable fit into the household.


As Position One Property are the best property management has to offer, we should know. We have seen a few odd flatmate combinations in our time.


So what can you do to let someone down easily without letting the landlord down as well?


These tips are to help you out of a bind should you find yourself in this situation.


Break Up and Break Out Tips

If you have a valid excuse like you work nights and your flatmate practises his or her drumming solo during the day or has a dog that never stops barking, you have the perfect excuse to be totally honest without hurting anybody’s feelings.


Common ground such as everybody in the house studies or does not study can also be an element of friction. It is not ideal if you are trying to cram for a big test and your housemate decides to get the gang around to watch the footy.


It may be that you really like this person, so soften the blow with an invite to your new place when you have settled down to show no hard feelings.


Perhaps you are sharing with someone who just does not quite click or fit in the groove you are forging. Often times in this situation, when you work up the nerve to talk about this and the possibility of you or them moving out, the other person is generally quite happy to go with the flow as this feeling is usually mutual.


best property management BrisbanePerhaps you have an annoying housemate who does not contribute to the household chores, cooking, or payment of food.


Your option can be to fight fire with fire and to stop taking so much care of yourself with making sure the dishes are done and the common living area is left neat and clean. Perhaps eat out for a while and not shop for groceries. This one can be a bit of a gamble but could be worth a try if you’ve tried everything else.


On a final note, remember it does not mean you need to be insulting or aggressive. Respect is the key in any negotiation and it is best to treat the person how you would like to be treated yourself.

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