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Renovation Tips for Maximising Rental Potential

Ever wondered why some rental properties sizzle and others fizzle? Here are some tips that help you get the best rent while pumping up the value of your property. Having a rental property at a time when the market is running low on available lots is every landlord’s dream. However, don’t let the numbers fool…Read More→

Which Way Is North?

Did you know you can locate north using an analogue watch and the sun? Simply hold your watch parallel to the ground and line up the 12 with the sun. Exactly half way between the hour hand and 12 is approximately north. Try it and see!

Suburb Trivia

Brisbane’s city fringe suburbs are among the city’s most culturally diverse. For example, inner city residents come from more than 20 non-English speaking countries. The area from South Brisbane to West End was once known as ‘Kurilpa’, meaning ‘place of rats’. The name Fortitude Valley comes from an early shanty town of migrants from the…Read More→

Sustainability Declaration

sustainability declaration is a compulsory checklist that must be completed by the seller (vendor) when selling a house, townhouse or unit. There is no need to engage a building professional to complete the form. The sustainability declaration identifies the property’s environmental and social sustainability features in the areas of energy, water, access and safety.