After Position Comes Presentation

We have all heard the term “Position, Position, Position!!” when it comes to Real Estate. Whilst this can be a big factor for a prospective tenant or buyer, there are also other things to consider.


When you decide to rent or sell your home you really need to remove yourself from the picture and look at it through the eyes of someone looking to rent or buy it.


Presentation is absolutely the key to achieving the best possible price or gaining the best possible tenant says Karen Herbert, principal of Position One Property. We have a reputation of being one of Brisbane’s astute Property Management and Sales office, which confirms our skills and expertise in this area.


You cannot expect to achieve top dollar for your property if it is not presented in its best light. We have had million dollar properties sit unsold simply because the owner could not see that leaving dirty dishes in the sink or washing on the floor could be a big turn off for most people.


Top Tips from the Experts

If you have your property on the market, whether it be for sale or rent, take a look around each morning to see what you can do to make it as enticing as possible.


As previously mentioned, dirty dishes left in the sink and on counters can be a real turn off. Pick up anything that is lying on the floor such as clothing, toys, animal feed bowls, and chew toys and tuck the kitty litter away out of sight and smell.


De-clutter as much as possible, even if it means packing away some of your belongings. It is best to show your home has plenty of storage options and leaving everything lying around will make it appear this is not the case. It also allows people to imagine their own furniture in a room that displays their own artwork and belongings.


Check that the carpets are in a good clean condition with no nasty residue or smells from pets or cooking. Pets and personal hygiene can play a part in the particular smell of a home so ensure you air it often.


Property Sales and Management
Be very careful about using such things as incense to mask smells. The smell of cooking bread, cookies, or roast is always a much more welcoming scent.


Make sure your garden is weeded, mulched and lawns are mowed. If you have flowers in the garden bring them into to the home.

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