Property Presentation a Breeze with These Great Tips

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Renting your home or investment property attracts the same demands as selling it. By this we mean presentation is the key.

If you wish to attract the maximum rent possible it is important to put your best foot forward and ensure your property is shown to its full advantage.

Prospective tenants still look for the same benefits a prospective buyer would. We’ve outlined some tips to help you create the perfect property to ensure you get the perfect tenant. 

Your first priority is to get them in the door so keep the grounds trimmed and mowed right up to the day a tenant moves in. If the outside of the house or the grounds look messy or overgrown they may not even get out of the car.

Remember an Entry Condition Report will be completed prior to a tenant taking possession of a home and they will be expected to leave it in the same condition for an Exit Condition Report.

Once a prospective tenant is inside they will look for and expect plenty of storage space. Bedrooms without a wardrobe is a real turnoff so if there are no built ins you might want to consider installing some or at least investing in some modular ones.

Old or outdated décor can be another turnoff. If the floor coverings look like they have seen better days with patches of wear or discolouration you could be sending a subliminal message about how you wish your property to be looked after. The same goes for old cooking or pet smells that may be caught in carpets and window treatments.

Old outdated kitchens and bathrooms can also be a deterrent to a good tenant. If the cupboard doors are coming off their hinges or have chunks knocked out of the Laminex, et cetera, the message they receive is that it is uncared for or not cared about.

Finally, it is a good idea to go through the property and create a to-do list of small jobs. Leaking taps, loose stair treads, faulty plumbing, broken tiles, and loose knobs, sticking doors and windows should all be attended to before allowing a tenant to take possession.

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