At Position One Property, we take care of the A to Z of your property management with our tailored Brisbane Property Management Services.

You’ll enjoy services that are thorough, solutions-focused, and people-driven as we build a lasting and mutually beneficial partnership with you.

In particular, you can expect to benefit from our experience, personal attention, and full-service approach – with no outsourcing.


Brisbane and Beyond

Our Brisbane property management team are based at our central office in Camp Hill. From we they easily manage properties from the Sunshine Coast down to the Gold Coast, and from Cleveland and the Redlands out to Ipswich. If your property is in south-east Queensland, we can manage it.


We’re All Over Social Media!

If you’re a property owner, do you know where potential tenants for your rental ‘hang out’? Try social media! Not everyone is into it, but billions of people are. Not everyone loves it, but billions of people DO!

That includes people looking for a new property to rent.

Fortunately for Position One’s owners, we love social media and we keep very active on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, in particular. Why? Well, it’s so easy to keep in touch, keep up to date and find out what our clients want and how to help them get it.

All our properties available for rent appear on our Facebook Page and Instagram Account. This means potential tenants find out about your great property sooner!


Partnering With Position One

Below is a description of some of the key things you can expect when you choose to entrust your investment property with Position One Property.


Keeping You Informed

Communication is key to any relationship – including our relationship with you. Your property manager will keep you updated about any progress or activity relating to your property and tenants.


Selecting Your Tenants

Tenant selection is a key step in protecting your investment. We conduct stringent security and reference investigations for every applicant who applies for your property, including checking TICA, Australia’s database of defaulting tenants. We won’t submit applicants’ information for your approval until we’re confident they’ll be suitable tenants.


Conducting Regular Inspections

Regular inspections ensure your tenants are meeting the terms of their lease. We conduct regular inspections and provide you with detailed reports that outline any issues that may require your attention. To help maintain the capital growth of your investment, our reports may also include recommended budgeting for future improvements to the property.


Reviewing Rents and Payments

Brisbane’s rental market is dynamic and competitive. As part of our commitment to your investment’s success, we constantly review your rents to ensure you’re enjoying a maximum return on your property. Funds are deposited in your account monthly and bi-monthly, and accompanied with prompt electronic statements.


Protecting Your Investment

Your investment and your peace of mind matter to us. Our stringent tenant selection, regular and thorough inspections, and strict rental procedures reduce the risk of rental arrears and protect your investment. However, because no one can control every circumstance, we still encourage you to consider Landlord Protection Insurance for your investment.


Our Fees

We offer a niche and attentive Brisbane property management service. Even so, our fee schedule for letting and managing your property is still comparable to industry standards. And do remember – our fees for service are also tax deductible. Check with your property-wise tax accountant for details.