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Don't Make The Common Home Buyer Mistakes

You would have heard the term ‘fools rush in’ many times…
Bond Clean

Carpet Spills and Stains In Rentals

When you rent a property through our office at Position One Property…

What To Expect From Inspections

Rental inspections are important for both the owner and the tenant.…
The Ideal Housemate Questionnaire

The Ideal Housemate Questionnaire

 Sharing a rental can make life a lot easier on the…

Finding The Perfect Property

Regardless of whether you are looking for a property to rent…

Renting a Shared House – What You Need to Know

If you have read John Birmingham’s ‘He Died with a Felafel…

Improving Rentals For Greater Appeal Is Not Difficult Or Expensive

With over 30% of Australia’s adult population living in rental…
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What's Your Dream

We all remember the famous line from Pretty Woman. What’s Your…
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Professional Property Management

It really does take a professional to properly manage a rental…