Inner City Investment – Know How and Guidance

Conveniently located just seven short kilometres from Brisbane city, Stafford enjoys a much sought after reputation for convenience and style. In this tidy suburb, homes make up 85% of all dwellings with the balance being units and townhouses.

The homes in the area are predominantly along the Queenslander style accompanied by a large percentage of Queensland Housing Commission homes, most of which were built in the 1940s and 1950s.

Many of these properties have been snapped up by couples with or without children and tastefully renovated to reflect modern design principals.

For an investor, this area is a boon as the properties are situated on good-sized quarter acre blocks, which you cannot even get in the newer developments in the outer lying suburbs of Brisbane and beyond. Read more

Finding the Right Agent for your Rental Property

Finding the right home and the right real estate agent can be a difficult process. You need to find a real estate team that you can trust and rely on to help you get what you are looking for. You need a team with a lot of experience and knowledge as well as being down to earth people, a company that believes in high standards, not just for the landlord but for the tenants as well. That is why Position One Property is a fantastic choice for anyone wanting to find a great team that has the knowledge and experience needed to help you into your new home. Read more

Keep Your Investment Running at its Best

No investment property owner wants to go through the process of acquiring a loan and purchasing a property only to have it lose money rather than make it; after all, the whole point of an investment property in the long run is to generate an income.

This means that even after the property is purchased there are still, and always, decisions that need to be made regarding the running of the property and these choices need to be wise so that your investment will be running at its best at all times.

Usually, this is when it is making the desired income you wish or it is running to plan; for instance, this may even be that you want it to be negatively geared. Ideally what should be happening is that there are responsible tenants in place, rent is paid regularly and on time, the property is being well looked after and any repairs or maintenance that needs attention is done in a timely fashion. Read more

What to Expect from a Property Manager

A property manager can help you take care of your property investment and increase the chances of returning a profit from the investment. Running a rental property can be tedious and stressful. You will need to learn a great deal about the real estate business, be familiar with the jargon and find a way to make the investment profitable. These skills cannot be mastered in a few months or even a year. But if you are working with a trusted property management company, you can relax knowing that your investment is in good hands.

Position One Property knows the many challenges that property owners face and struggle with unexpected issues. That is why they make sure that they field in only the best property managers to take care of the properties of their clients. Read more

How Property Management Serves You

Property owners and even renters will, at one stage or another, have considered the benefits of, or experienced the benefits of rental property management. There are many pros and very few cons of enlisting the services of a property manager, for reasons that follow below.

Money, made easy

Certainly, hiring the helping hand of a property manager will cost you a percentage of the rent that your property attracts, but this is a small sacrifice for all the work that is attentively and expertly taken care of for you, and you will still enjoy the greater portion of the financial gain. Read more

Enlisting the Best

Investment property owners don’t put their hard-earned money into a rental only to see their time and efforts go to waste. When they make wise decisions relating to their investment they are far more likely to reap the rewards of all that time saving and making informed choices that comes with a successful rental property.

When it comes to rental properties there are many choices for the owner to consider and one of these is who will manage their property. Many real estate companies claim to be expert property managers that owners are looking for. However, what they deliver often falls short of the promises. Read more

Property Investors and Tax Time: Did you Miss it?

Taxes are inescapable and incredibly important, particularly where investment properties are involved. Even if your rental property is negatively geared, it is still classed as part of your income and so you need to get your tax in on time and include all earnings and expenditure related to your investment.

How tax helps investors

There are a number of ways that tax comes into play where investments are concerned and offer the possibility of claiming back some of the expenses. Immediate deductions are items such as the interest charged on your home loan, rates, body corporate fees, insurances, rental property managers‘ fees, bank fees, cleaning and repairs, amongst others. These items can be claimed at tax time in the period they occur. Read more

Check your List before Renting your Home

You may be among many homeowners who have decided to rent their property rather than sell in this current market. This is a decision not to be taken lightly as becoming an investment property owner comes with much responsibility.

With this in mind, it is a wise idea to create a small checklist for yourself before you rent your property, to ensure that you have covered everything that needs to be taken into consideration. Here are a few things you might like to add.

Choosing the right property manager

Experienced property management is necessary in the current market. The professionals at Position One Property will expertly manage your property, ensuring everything is taken care of at all times and they will advise on the appropriate rent and when it can be increased. Read more

Getting Ready to Rent your Investment

The main motivation behind buying an investment property is to generate an extra income. So when you are about to embark on the journey of renting out your property it’s a good idea to make sure it is in such a condition that it will attract the extra income you desire and not cost you money.

First and foremost, the best way to ensure your property is suitable for rent and properly taken care of is to enlist the services of a reputable and reliable property manager. With so much real estate on the market for rent right now, the best way to ensure your rental gets maximum exposure and only the best tenants, is to let a property manager do the screening and advertising for you. Read more

Informed Tenants are the Best Tenants

As a tenant, it is important that you are aware of the responsibilities and expectations placed upon you. A good tenant will ensure they are aware of the ins and outs of renting and adhere to these everywhere possible.

Position One Property are highly experienced in the industry of rentals and are well regarded as one of the best rental property management teams available. Should you require any information from Position One Property regarding your role as a tenant they will be more than happy to assist you; in the meantime, here is some brief information to help. Read more